Jiangmen Xindongyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and moved to the new factory site in Jianghai District in 2012. It independently develops, produces and sells all kinds of precision metal products, metal materials, electronic devices, electronic materials, battery accessories, electrical appliances, plastics, cartons, hardware products, etc. It mainly sells high and low voltage power distribution equipment, customized products and sheet metal processing products.

In line with the business philosophy of "honesty, win-win, high efficiency, service" and the purpose of "customer first, quality first, operation norms, process improvement", the company has been aggressive, and has formed a series of power supply and distribution products, widely used in power, communications, finance, IDC data room and other fields. At the same time, engaged in system equipment installation, maintenance, maintenance and other projects.

While consolidating the project of power supply and distribution system, the company actively cooperates with famous companies in the industry. Over the years, it has actively cooperated with Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd. in product development, design and production, including high and low voltage distribution cabinet, AC and DC distribution cabinet, tandem cabinet, dual power supply, ATS, STS conversion cabinet and other products. In response to customer requirements, the company has made considerable progress in management and business capabilities.

The company has always adhered to the principle of "quality first, customer first". From project modeling, drawing design, component procurement to production process, equipment and production conditions, product comprehensive testing are strictly operated in accordance with the procedures of quality management system to ensure product quality.

Xindongyuan, adhering to the principle of "human-oriented" and "cohesion of talents in the industry", has attracted a large number of outstanding university students and social elites to join in, ensuring to provide customers with high-quality products, high-quality technical support and high-quality services.

Collaboration, innovation, struggle and leap forward are the enterprise spirit of Xindongyuan; "Keeping improving and pursuing excellence" is the established goal. Xindongyuan people develop industry with technology, upgrade management with humanities, develop market with quality, and create a diversified industrial pattern. With excellent technological advantages, innovative products and strong momentum of development, they strive to achieve sustained, long-term and high-speed development, and wholeheartedly strive to build Xindongyuan brand.

Xindongyuan will give back to customers and society with high quality products and excellent service.

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