How to Maintain Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet

2019-03-19 349

1. The intention is to ensure the normal and safe operation of the low-voltage Jiangmen distribution cabinet and the control cabinets of various equipment.

2. The appropriate scope of distribution cabinets in low-voltage distribution rooms. The control cabinets of each equipment shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions according to the detailed conditions.

3. The responsibility of the repair team of the Ministry of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Repair Engineering is to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance every six months, and to end the maintenance operation at the shortest time of blackout.

Four, content

1. Preparing homework:

A. Tell households the start and stop time of the blackout the day before the blackout maintenance of the distribution cabinet.

B. Do all the preparatory work before power failure, especially the preparation of things should be complete; and finish the maintenance work at the shortest time of power failure.

2. Maintenance procedures:

A. Implement sectional maintenance, first maintain the security load section.

B. Turn off the security load, and other loads will still be supplied to the city. Disconnect the air switch for the security load, disconnect the generator air switch, place the generator selection switch in the stop position, remove the positive and negative poles of the battery, and hang the sign to prevent the generator from sending electricity.

C. Check busbar joints for deformation, discharging blackening marks, fasten the connecting bolts, and replace the bolts if they are rusty to ensure that the joints are tightly connected. Check whether the insulation on the bus is loose or damaged.

D. Shake the total air out of the distribution cabinet with the handle to check whether the main contact has burning trace, check whether the arc extinguishing cover is burned black and damaged, tighten the wiring screw, clean the dust in the cabinet, and test the closing and opening of the machine.

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