Reasons for Capacitance Compensation of Jiangmen Distribution Cabinet

2019-03-19 315

The power distribution cabinet, lighting distribution cabinet and metering cabinet of Jiangmen Distribution Cabinet are the final equipment of distribution system, which should provide protection, monitoring and control for load supply. So do you know why Jiangmen distribution cabinet needs capacitance compensation?

1. What is capacitance compensation? It refers to reactive power compensation or power factor compensation. Electric equipment in power system will produce reactive power when used, and usually inductance. It reduces the power consumption of the power supply capacity, and can be improved by adding capacitors appropriately in the system.

2. Method: Parallel capacitor generates capacitive current to offset inductance current, and reduces the so-called reactive current to some extent. Reactive power supply is the same as active power supply, which is an important part of ensuring power quality. Reactive power balance should be maintained in power system.

3. Capacitance Compensation Function: The capacitance and load of Jiangmen distribution cabinet are connected in parallel, and the capacitance is the same as that of the reservoir. When the load increases, the output voltage of the power supply will decrease because of the internal resistance of the power supply. Because both ends of the capacitor have to maintain the original voltage, that is, the amount of electricity in the capacitor has to flow out part, which delays the trend of voltage decline.

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