What types of Jiangmen distribution cabinet are there?

2019-03-19 320

Jiangmen distribution cabinet as a common thing in the day, it has many types, according to their own needs to choose the distribution cabinet. The function of distribution cabinet is to distribute electric energy to all load parts in distribution control, and to maintain power failure in short circuit, overload and leakage of circuit. According to the characteristics and uses of distribution cabinets, we can be divided into the following four categories.

1. Fixed panel type distribution cabinet: Fixed panel type distribution cabinet is also called distribution panel. Its front side is cabinet panel. It is mainly used for shielding. Its reverse side and side are open and can touch electrical devices. Fixed panel type distribution cabinet has low level of protection, and can only be used in occasions with low level of safety and continuous power supply. For example, centralized power supply for substation rooms in industrial and mining enterprises.

2. Protective distribution cabinet: Protective distribution cabinet and fixed panel are the comparison of distribution cabinet, with a true sense of cabinet body, in addition to the facility, all sides have baffle seal. The cabinet body of protective distribution cabinet is made of insulating material, the internal electrical components are isolated from the outside, and the guard board can be used to isolate the components. Therefore, the safety level of protective distribution cabinet is higher, and it can be applied to the distribution equipment in the process site.

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