Differences between Distribution Cabinet and Distribution Cabinet

2019-03-19 330

They are widely used in the fields of national production and even daily life. They seem to be only one word short of each other and overlap with each other in function, but they are also quite different. Here's a brief introduction.

1. There are differences between the two titles.

Literally speaking, the box which can distribute electric energy is what we call it. The box is usually equipped on the wall. The general equipment on the ground is larger than the box, more power, larger control equipment, we call it. Distribution cabinets are complex, which can be divided into standard cabinets and non-standard cabinets.

2. The functions of the two are different.

It can be used not only in some production fields such as government offices or factory workshops, but also in various daily places such as families, during which lighting distribution boxes and power distribution boxes are most widely used. The primary use of distribution boxes is to control and distribute electrical equipment. It can distinguish whether there is a power cut or not. The distribution box is easy to manage and repair. When circuit fault occurs, the distribution box can protect the line from overload, short circuit and leakage.

The switching and control equipment of the distribution cabinet is a complete set. The power control center is permanently located. It is mostly used as the central force of electricity and the primary distribution equipment. Distribution cabinet and distribution cabinet are the connection of whole and part.

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